Jennifer Verhoog is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. Her practice embraces acupuncture, chinese herbs, therapeutic essential oils, bodywork, massage, nutritional counseling, cranial-sacral therapy, Pranic, Reiki, yoga and Qi Gong.

Her life philosophy acknowledges that we are all connected. We are of this planet as are the plants, animals and mineral that we share it with. In finding our connection we find our balance. Our wellness is not an individual’s journey but rather a community effort.

"Expect the unexpected! Every individual that I work with is just that, an individual.  With issues ranging from physical aches and pains to digestive disorders to stress management each treatment is uniquely different.  No issue is too big or small, too obscure or common to be benefited in some way from our time together.  Our goal together is to find balance within your self.

Some of my clients love the relaxation and results they experience with traditional acupuncture using single-use sterile needles that are about the diameter of a strand of hair.  Other clients respond better to cupping, gua sha, massage, tuning forks or just solid advice and lifestyle coaching.  Herbal medicines are used when appropriate to expedite treatment, continue treatment after you have left the office, or as an additional treatment protocol."

Meet the staff!  Winnie and Stella are often here at the office helping with other animals who come to visit, and to give licks and hugs.  

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